April 12, 2020  •  Leave a Comment
Time address the elephant in the room, Now this is not about this viruse and how it's changed everything but more on how I feel with it all.
As of now Sunday the 12 of April we been in lockdown for under three weeks and the strain of it is starting to tell on everyone. The hardest thing for me at least is not being allowed to travel. Am not only talking about taking photos of trains. My partner lives in Swindon and it hurts that I can hop down to see him. Secondly I can't meet freinds which most of them are out of London and the South East, Yes I talk to them via Telgram. whatapp, Twitter and Dicord but spending time with people in person who you care about is an absence is keenly felt.
Lastly although am grateful I can still work but the fact myself and others who work on the railway don't get any thanks for keeping the county going. We are seen a over paid prats who strikes every 5 mins thanks to the Press so no one cares for us. But think of this if we stopped running the supermakers would run out of food within a week, doctors and nurses wouldn't be able to travel in to safe lives. So think about that the next clap for heroes.

No one knows when this will be over but long keep following the rules the sooner we be back out and about. Stay safe.


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