BronyScot 2019

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My first non rail blog and about my time at this year's BronyScot in Glasgow.

This year's con was my forth BronyScot and it was back at the Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor hotel which is close by to Hillhead station on the Glasgow subway also known as the Clockwork Orange. Con day started at 7am when myself and my partner Ace started to get ourselves together. About 0830 we started walking to the Hilton Glasgow Grosvenor and arrived at the Hilton just after 9 after stopping by a Greggs by Hillhead station for breakfast. Regertaion was simple and early and after that we went around the vendor hall and spent some money on some artwork from James Cook and Greenfly which may invole some House Robots.

Now to the main hall for a game of jeopardy where we had to guess 90s cartoons played backwards then it was time for the opening ceremony which gave a outline of the events. We spent most of morning talking a few friends from the London meet and our good friends Bear and Ialyrn. This was followed by cosplayers doing a photo opp next to the TARDIS box oppersit the hotel. Next we may our way to the Botanic suite for our first panel of the day which was the School Pony Reviews: Original G1 Presentation. This was very interesting as it was about the strengths and weaknesses of the original series and why it is worth cheching out. Next we moved to the main hall once more for the Cosplay prarade which is always fun to see. Afterwards after a stop in Greggs again for a snack was back to the main hall for the Q&A with Nowacking. This was very interresting as he talked about his experiences of being a VA and first time in the UK.

Afterwards Ace went off somewhere while I talked to Ialyrn about many things from the strike on WMR to ponies, ponies at a pony con I know right. Next was want I was looking forward too the Bronyhouse hosted by Midnight Scribe. Loved this last year and this year was more crazy, kinda reminds me of the game show Fun House and don't think Midnight will forget Bohemian Raspberry soon :P 

If it returns next year I be more then willing to take part and make a fool of myself :P

After crying with laughter it was time for the charity auction where everything rised was going to the SAMH - Scottish Association for Mental Health. I didn't bid on anything but Ace won a flag from Griffish Isles flag. In total £1530 was rised which just beat last year's total.

Rapping up the day with Karaoke which was brought back this year, always the highlight of cons where everyone sings songs about ponies and a good way to relax. I didn't sing this time but Ace did sing Kirin Tale. Then all good things come to a end as it was time for the closing ceremony and after thank yous it was time to end. We said goodbyes to people and made our way back to our hotel after stopping at a KFC for some late night snacks.


Overall this year's con was really good and would like to say thank you to the staff for a great weekend and hopefully same again next year. I will do a Rocknessie review soon.




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