IEP, Where fears and horrors come ture.

October 31, 2019  •  1 Comment

For them who know me off twitter I have a dislike of the Hitachi IEP family of trains but many think it is because of what they have replaced. This is a small reason but I will list why they are the worst trains on the UK network in my opinion, If you like them good on you.

First up is most are 5 coach formations. I know there are 9 coach ones but most are 5. It's almost no one as leant on from the 220/221 in the early 2000s. You think they be doubled up and yes some trains on the GWR and LNER networks are but from the timetable change in December GWR and LNER will be running solo 5 coach units, Their excuse so they can run more trains. That didn't work back in the 2000s and won't work now.

Second is the seats and legroom. Now can't say alot about the seats are they are industry standard as they are crash worthy and ever since a campaign by the families of the 2004 ufton nervet train crash for better crash worthy seats and/or seat belts all new trains will have this kind of hard seat tho some trains have gotten around this. As for leg room there is little to none. Being 6.6 I find in almost impossable to sit without putting my legs up due to the little space. Lastly having the plug socket under the seat is a real pain. Although I do like the syterm for the seat reservations where it tell you how long a seat is free or not. Just sadly it is always faulty on most trains. Another thing the lack of luggage storage is a real pain in the esummer months when people bring everything bar the kitchen sink for a week away.

Third is them being fitted with for driver only operation. This is a big no no for me, and yes I know the 195s which I like have them. Driver only operation or DOO is very unsafe and people like them who run RAIL are all for it. I won't go too much in it as that's for another blog. At the moment door release is controlled by the drivers, with the guard being responsible for closing the doors using the control panels in the vestibule area. The driver will then carry out a secondary check of the side of the train before departure using the in-cab television monitors.

Next is the fact that they can't go nowhere in rain, wind or sun. They are not allowed West of Exter in rain or high tide due to salt water getting into the control software and the train shuts down like the 220/221s. Why put that on the roof for crying out loud! In Spring and Summer the underfloor diesel engines overheat and on overhead line parts the overhead wires catch fire.

There is more and will be added once I remember them all, again if you like the 800s then good on you and I repect that only if you repect my opinions on them.




Whist I agree with you regarding the 5coach versions, I don’t think they are too bad at all. I have travelled on both GWR and LNER units, both were very pleasant!

I think the reason trainspotters hate the IEP trains is because of sentimental reasons towards the dated HSTs and 91 sets.

Look at the TPE routes they replace smaller class 185s along with bigger other trains.

Plug sockets between seats seams a little petty as this gives both patrons use that f the electric this way

I’m sure 6’6 people can fit just nicely mate

And yes DOO is shit
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