Chaos in Kent

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Long time since I've used here and now going to use this for news and stuff like that.

The 26th of Octorber saw 70000 Britannia heading for Kent once again but this time for Saphos Trains. She was running as scrapped sister 70014 'Iron Duke' which was a Stewarts Lane based loco for most of it's live. The trip started at London Victoria and was heading for Canterbury West via Bromley and Maidstone. The weather was very windy and wet under foot from rain fall the night before.

The train departed London on time 10.47 with load 12 and no 47 on the back. Trouble soon come as the train apporched  Shortlands. The tour was following an all stations Thameslink serivce (9Y23 the 1046 London Blackfriars to Sevenoaks). Once this train cleared Ravensbourne station the tour was siganlled on to the 'DOWN slow at Shortlands Junction but due to poor rail conditions from the weather the tour started slipping up the short grade. 70000 was able to carry on and took 4 mins to climb. Once on the Chatham mainline the tour headed along the 'DOWN' slow to Swanley where the Thameslink serivce from eariler was being held. The tour which was running as 1Z82 lost a bit more time up to Otford Junction but by Maidstone East it was only 6 late. Soon after the station was the 1 in 60 of Bearsted Bank where unfortunately she stalled just over a mile on the bank. Several attempts were made to get her going including sanding the track by hand by the crew and Network Rail workman. However she was still stuck so a class 66 diesel loco was dispatched from Tonbridge West Yard to rescue the stricken train from behind.

Southeastern serivces along the line were canceled with some running to Ashford via Sevenoaks and Paddock Wood. After some 3 hours the 1Z82 arrived at Canterbury.

Now before the anit steam mob attack me class 66s stuggle up Bearsted Bank and have known to stall in poor rail conditions heck even 375s have stalled.  It was not a good idea for the 1Z82 not to have a loco on the rear and was very suprised when the tour passed me and no loco was on the back.  I know alot of the older enthusiasts hate a loco on the back but after this and a number of events over the years this has to be the norm on routes which have know trouble spots.


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